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Home made angel eyes
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:15:06 PM »
Angel eyes car headlights are circural-shaped rings that that when light up give the agresive look to your car.
They can be of diferent colour-white is the most comon colour,but blue and red are also very good.Home made
ones are much cheaper than buying new ones,but it is not easy at all to make them.The proces involves heating,
cutting,drilling,electrical wiring,patience,efford and time.They also wont look just like new ones,the rings wont be
 illuminated corectly-the bottom of the ring will be less illuminated than ends where the diods are.
For the ring itself its best to use clear acrylic/plastic rod.The best is hex-shaped rod but square would be fine to.
You also need to make multiple cuts(scratches along the bottom side of the the rod,beacouse hex shape of the
rod will implify the amount of light on the front side),using a dremel or a rotormatic tool.This is beacouse the light
need to"escape the rod".Without these cuts light is not able to go from one end to other and lighten the ring.The
 cuts need to be 2-3 mm appart and 1 mm deep.

Step 1-first step contains of taking the headlight of and removing the glas part from it so u can fix the rings inside later.
Removin the glassets from the headlight is verz presize job.You first need to heat the headlight and then usin flat screwdriver
 separate the glas from the metal part.

Step 2-mesure the diameter of the ring and find round object with the same diameter to form the round shape of the ring.
Heat it up and bend it around that object.Be carefull that the ring doesnt twist during the proces.

Step 3-light source-The best choise are LED(light emiting diods).They use very litle energy and most important they produce
almost no heat.Drill litle holes in the ends of the rod to put top of the bulb in it.Wire the diods(2 diods per rod)together,and
leave one exit to conect it to energy source in the car.Also make sure that diods are 12V ones becouse all electrisity on a car
 runs at 12V.The more W diods have the stronger light they produce.Also,you must attach the resistor to the positive terminal
of led bulb,which is the longer of two terminal legs.

Step 4-Wrap alluminium foil arond the ring,leaving only front side open.This will additionaly direct to the right side of the rod.

Step 5-Fix the rings in the headlight,and wire them to a energy source.You can fix the rod by using temperature-resistan glue(same
 one youll use to glue back the glassets to the headlight).For connecting the diods u can use position wires(beacouse you wont need
position light any more).

Step 6-glue back the glassets to a headlight and put it back on your car.Make sure that the glue is temperature-resistant.

Bee free to ask for any questions

the pics from JMSpower


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Re: Home made angel eyes
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2013, 09:26:54 PM »
Good guide nice one buddy. ;)


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