Author Topic: Lightweight crank pulleys?  (Read 2234 times)


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Lightweight crank pulleys?
« on: March 19, 2013, 09:19:18 PM »
I've been doing a bit of reading on lightweight crank pulleys lately and am finding conflicting information. Some of which says they're a very bad idea since they can't absorb any of the noise/vibrations but other info stating the stock pulley with rubber ring does nothing more than try and quiet down engine noise (it is called a harmonic damper after all). I know underdrive pulleys are available too but I'm not really concerned with them, mainly just looking for info on solid aluminum vs. dampened (stock or Fluidampr for example).

My other thought is, can the little stock pulley with a rubber ring really do much good at absorbing vibrations when there is the much larger and solid flywheel at the other end of the crank?

I've also read about the vibrations potentially damaging the oil pump, but, does the stock damper even affect the oil pump since that's driven off the timing belt and not accessory belt?

Maybe I'm just confused as to what vibrations the dampened pulley is actually absorbing that couldn't otherwise be absorbed by the rubber belt and tensioner. How exactly is it able to protect the engine bearings from vibrations?


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